Scholars@Duke for Delegates

Scholars@Duke spotlights the research and scholarly activities of our faculty, researchers, staff, and Ph.D./graduate students across the entire university and health system through web profiles.

Benefits that Scholars offers for delegates are the ability to:

  • Access and update your faculty member's or provider's profile on their behalf using your Duke credentials
  • Spotlight your faculty or provider's scholarly activities both inside and outside of Duke
  • Feed your profile owner's data downstream to school and department websites and other systems for reporting
  • Streamline Duke web profile management for you and your profile owner
  • Save time and effort by generating a standard or School of Medicine A.P.T. CV from your profile owner's Scholars data

Delegate FAQs

There are two ways to obtain delegate access in Scholars:

The faculty member themselves can grant that access by:

  • Going to their Scholars profile
  • Clicking the Manage Profile button
  • Logging in with their netid and password
  • Once in Profile Manager, clicking the Manage Delegates button under Admin Tools.
  • Clicking the blue Add button, typing your name in the Search box, and clicking Search.
  • In the Search results, clicking the delegate name to add you as a delegate.

The faculty member can refer to these instructions to make you a delegate for their Elements account.

If the faculty member is unable to grant you access, contact your organization’s power user to request delegate access. The power user will be able to grant you delegate access in Scholars for that faculty member per the instructions in the Scholars User Guide on the User Guides page. If you need to assist the faculty member with publications as well, contact the Elements team at to request delegate access for the faculty member’s Element account.

Delegates are tasked with editing their faculty member's or provider's Scholars@Duke profile on their behalf.

Power Users are liaisons between their organization and the Scholars team who are trained to:

  • Be the first line of support and local source of assistance to answer basic questions that their faculty or other profile owners might have concerning Scholars
  • Coordinate the update of data pulled into Scholars profiles from Duke institutional systems (i.e., dFac, Sponsored Project System (SPS), DukeHub) on behalf of their faculty and delegates
  • Distribute Scholars-related communications from the Scholars team to their faculty and other Scholars users in their organization

Scholars profile data is comprised of information that is entered manually by the profile owner or their delegate, plus data compiled from Duke systems and trusted sources, including the Faculty Appointments System (dFac), Sponsored Projects System (SPS), and DukeHub. Publications come from Elements, the publications workflow system that harvests from bibliographic databases. The Office of News Communications provides links to news stories featuring Duke faculty.

Data from these systems is editable, but that data must be updated in the system of record first and then Scholars can pull in the updated data directly from that system. This process ensures that the data remains consistent across all systems at the university.

For updates to the name, appointments, education (dFac), grants (SPS), or courses (DukeHub), please contact your organization's power user, who can coordinate the update of the data in those institutional systems on your and your faculty member's behalf.

Log in to Elements to add, delete, or hide publications displayed on your faculty member's Scholars@Duke profile. If publications are missing, check the "Pending Queue" in Elements to review publications from journal databases that require approval before they appear on the Scholars profile.

Publications data in Scholars is scheduled to update nightly from the Elements system. If publication changes have been updated in Elements, but are not updated on your faculty member's Scholars profile after a day, or you would like to see the changes reflected sooner, you can refresh the publications yourself by logging into your faculty member's Scholars profile, going to the “Selected Publications” section, and clicking the Refresh button.

For "How-to" guidance, see the Elements help resources. If additional assistance is needed, or you find that you need delegate access in Elements, contact the Elements team at

Source data is loaded into Scholars@Duke nightly, so any name, appointment, education and training, grant, or courses data updated in those systems should be reflected in Scholars the next day. Publications updates nightly from Elements. Publications can also be manually refreshed by clicking the Manage Profile button, navigating to the Selected Publications section, and clicking the Refresh button.

Yes, training is available for Scholars@Duke and Elements. Training sessions are offered monthly.

See our Training Sessions page to register for an upcoming training session. You will also find links to recordings of previous training sessions and to the course PowerPoint at the top of the Information Sessions page.

If the upcoming training dates are not convenient or you need training sooner, contact the Scholars@Duke team.