Support for Scholars@Duke Data Consumers
Thank you for your interest in using Scholars@Duke data! This document explains how to get help and support for
those consuming Scholars data on websites, for reports, or in other systems.
Scholars@Duke is built on the open-source research networking tool VIVO ( Data made
available in Scholars@Duke is considered public and open data for the Duke community. However, we do not
monitor or regulate who is using this data and developers must take responsibility for supporting their sites.
Scholars@Duke offers authoritative faculty data feeds to Duke websites and other systems. As providers of open
data, the Scholars@Duke team does not regulate how you choose to incorporate our data into your application. This
also means that the Scholars team may have limited ability to troubleshoot or answer questions about how our data
ultimately is displayed in your application.
This document is meant to communicate our support policies regarding Scholars data in downstream applications,
particularly, for two kinds of data consumers:
Duke website editors and managers
Web developers and vendors