Generate a Report

The Generate Report feature allows users to select profile sections and view profile data in a simple list format, which can be copied and pasted into Word, email, or other applications.

Users can specify a date range to view only data from a given time period.

Generate Report

To display the report:

  1. Open Profile Manager by clicking Manage Profile in the lower left corner of a profile page.
  2. On the Profile Manager home page, click Generate Report. The report window appears.
  3. To remove sections, un-click the check box for a section at the top. For example, to create a current publications list, you can deselect all sections except publications.
  4. Add a start date and an end date to show only the information produced during a date range, for example “2014- 01-10 to 2014-12-31” to display the information produced during the year 2014. Note: output and activities without dates appear in all date selections.
  5. To change the format of your publication citations, select your preferred style, such as MLA, from the dropdown at the top of the report. Your publication citations will be displayed in your preferred style.

Copying a Report

Once you've completed the steps to generate a report, click the Select Report Text button and select Copy (Ctrl + C) from your browser’s menu. Then paste the text into a Word document, an email, or other application window.

Generate a CV/Biosketch

The Generate CV/Biosketch feature displays your Scholars profile information in various CV formats, which can be viewed as HTML or opened as a Microsoft Word document.

To create a CV:

  1. On the Profile Manager home page, click the Generate CV/Biosketch button.
  2. All  users will see the Scholars CV format option, but some medical faculty will see additional options such as the SOM APT CV Template.
  3. Click the .docx button to the right of CV template you wish to download. A Word document will be saved in your Downloads folder.
  4. Open the file in Word to edit or enhance your CV. You may wish to save the edited version with a different file name.