The Background section includes: Education, Training & Certifications, and Medical Licensure.


Navigate to the Education section using the links on the left in Profile Manager.

Faculty degree information is pulled from dFac (Duke’s faculty appointments system). Degree information is entered and maintained by the department's dFac user. The highest degree requires appropriate documentation such as a transcript or diploma. For help maintaining your degree information, contact the Scholars Power User in your area.

Training & Certifications

The Training & Certifications section shows residencies, fellowships, and other faculty training information pulled from dFac. Training and certifications data is entered by the departmental dFac user. For more help, contact the Power User in your area.

Medical Licensure

Faculty with a current medical license can add their license information to this section.

  1. Click the Add button to add a medical license.
  2. Add the License Number, the state in which the license was issued, and the issue date.
  3. Click Save to display the medical license in Scholars or Cancel to exit without saving.