Scholars@Duke for Leadership

Scholars@Duke is an enterprise research and networking application for Duke University. Scholars@Duke represents an important collaboration between the Office of the Provost, the Office of Information Technology, and the various academic units across campus. 

Benefits of Scholars@Duke for leadership include:

  • Spotlighting the interdisciplinarity of individual scholars and groups as a whole
  • Enhancing the recognition of faculty and non-faculty academics
  • Helping students learn about their instructors
  • Creating greater efficiencies with maintaining organizational websites
  • Utilizing modern linked data technologies to uncover useful insights
  • Helping identify solutions for data quality and governance
  • Offering multiple options for data reuse, allowing for consistency across platforms

Leadership FAQs

Contact the Scholars team to request specific engagement metrics for your organization.

Yes, Scholars@Duke can possibly be used to create a greater efficiencies in the annual reporting process.

Contact the Scholars team to schedule a consultation with our office to discuss your needs in more detail.

Refer your technical resources to the Data Consumer Resources on our Scholars Help site. They should first review the Data Consumer's Guide to understand what data is available for consumption and what methods are available for consuming the data.

If there are remaining questions after reviewing the guide, email scholars@duke to schedule a consultation with our office.


Yes. Just click the Manage Profile button and in Profile Manager, click the Manage Delegates button under Admin Tools. Click the blue Add button, type the person’s name in the Search box, and click Search. In the Search results, click the name to add them as a delegate.

Your power user can also add a delegate to your profile on your behalf.