Web Links

By Hans Harlacher // January 3, 2022

Are you leveraging your Scholars profile to direct viewers to your lab page, department page, social media accounts, or any other important sites? When you add web links to your profile, you build incentives for visitors to engage with your profile and discover more about your scholarship and research at Duke.

Did you know?

We've recently updated the web links section in profile manager to include a field for "Link Type." With this option, we've provided a list of commonly used types of links (i.e. CV, LinkedIn, Lab Page, etc.) to help you better categorize your links.

How to Link Your Lab, CV, Department Page, LinkedIn, or Twitter Profile on Scholars:

  1. Type in your computer's browser address bar.

  2. Click Edit My Profile under Update.

  3. Log in using your NetID and password, and then click Manage Your Profile.

  4. Select Web Links from the About section of the Profile Manager.

  5. Click Add, then type the web URL and add a text label for the link.

  6. Select the link type that most accurately describes your link - If none of the options are appropriate, select "Other."

  7. Click Save to update your profile or click Cancel to discard any changes.

  8. Repeat Steps 5-7 to add as many web links to your profile as you’d like.

    *Remove unwanted links from your profile by clicking the red X.

Are your office hours up-to-date?

Take a moment to ensure that your Scholars profile accurately reflects your office hours for the new semester. Office hours can be found and updated in the Contact Information section of the profile manager.