Tools For Annual Reporting

By Hans Harlacher // November 1, 2021

No matter what your department requirements are, Scholars@Duke offers you tools to make this process as simple as possible. Using the export feature on your Scholars@Duke profile manager, you can generate a CV, NIH Biosketch, or even copy your profile data to Word or email.

Did you know?

The Scholars@Duke Generate Report feature displays activities and outputs for a customizable range of dates. Copy and paste this report into Word, email, or other destinations.

How to display your report:

  1. Open Profile Manager by clicking Manage This Profile in the upper right corner of a profile page.
  2. On the Profile Manager home page, click Generate Report. The report window appears.
  3. To remove sections, un-click the check box for a section at the top. For example, to create a current publications list, you can deselect all sections except publications.
  4. Add a start date and an end date to show only the information produced during a date range, for example “2014-01-10 to 2014-12-31” to display the information produced during the year 2014. 
    Note: output and activities without dates appear in all date selections.
  5. To change the format of your publication citations, select your preferred style, such as MLA, from the dropdown at the top of the report. Your publication citations will be displayed in your preferred style.

How to copy the report:

Click the Select all button and select Copy from your browser’s menu. Then paste the text into a Word document, an email, or other application window.