Put Yourself on the Map!

By Hans Harlacher // May 31, 2023

Do you want your research and expertise to appear on the Duke in the World map? It’s as easy as updating your Scholars profile to reflect your global scholarship! Any global scholarship from your profile is automatically added to the map for others to explore.

Did you know that Duke scholars represent over 150 countries with their research, expertise, service, and teaching? Wow! Sharing your global scholarship is a great way to connect with other experts who share interest in a particular region.

How to indicate your Global Scholarship:

  1. Type in your computer's browser address bar.
  2. Click Edit My Profile under Update.
  3. Log in using your NetID and password, and then click Manage Your Profile.
  4. Select Global Scholarship from the Scholarly Output section of the Profile Manager.
  5. Follow the instructions in the How To Edit box to designate a specific state, country, or continent that you’ve impacted with your work.
  6. Click Save to display the work on your profile, or Cancel to discard any changes.

Remember to update your Community Outreach!

Often, your Global Scholarship involves some form of community outreach, which might include activities such as field work or advocacy. If this applies to you, be sure to indicate these activities in the Outreach and Engaged Scholarship section of your Scholars profile.


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