Media Appearances

By Hans Harlacher // February 1, 2022

When your research and scholarship is mentioned in the news, Scholars@Duke automatically adds the link to each story to your profile. Your featured stories not only appear on your profile, but also display on Scholars@Duke’s homepage for the world to see.

The Scholars@Duke In the News feature collects stories that have been tagged by Duke’s University Communications, then it displays them on your profile. But what if you were mentioned in a news article that wasn’t tagged or featured in Duke Today? Not to worry! In just a few steps, you can add any other media appearance to your profile.


  1. Type in your computer's browser address bar.

  2. Click Edit My Profile under Update.

  3. Log in using your NetID and password, and then click Manage Your Profile.

  4. In the left-hand navigation panel, click In the News under the Recognition section.
  5. Click Add, then fill out the required fields to link your news story.

  6. Click Save to display a link to the news story on your profile, or Cancel to exit without saving.

Were you featured in the news for winning a prestigious award? You can also update the Awards & Honors section of your profile to show off your achievements! This is a great way to keep your Scholars profile organized and up-to-date, and it helps increase exposure for your work.