Discover the world of research and scholarship at Duke.

Looking for Duke faculty experts, instructors, clinicians, or researchers? Find them in Scholars@Duke!

  • Scholars is a research discovery system featuring the research, scholarship and activities of Duke faculty members and academic staff.
  • Scholars displays web profiles that summarize a person's roles at Duke and their connections with colleagues.
  • Search by name, topic or subject area to find anything on Scholars profiles.

Scholars@Duke is an implementation of VIVO, an open-source research networking tool. 


How are Profiles Created?

Created automatically using information from Duke systems, Scholars content comes from a number of trusted sources. Profiles can customized by their owners and their delegates.

  • Publications come from Elements, a tool that consumes publications from bibliographic sources like Scopus, PubMed, Web of Science, arXiv, RePEc, and others. Publications can also be added manually. 
  • Open Access publications are easy to add to Duke Libraries' Open Access repository, making them freely available to colleagues, students, and the general public, which increase their impact.
  • Datasets deposited with Duke’s Research Data Repository will be added by Duke Libraries to Elements. (For questions about depositing your data here at Duke or elsewhere, contact
  • Appointments and other faculty data come from dFac, Duke's faculty system in SAP.
  • Grants are loaded from Duke's Sponsored Projects System, and can also be added manually in Scholars.
  • Courses come from DukeHub, Duke's courses system.
  • Other automated content includes "In the News" from the Office of News and Communications and "Industry Relationships" from the Conflicts of Interest system (coming soon).

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